Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Serpentine belt and Timing belt of 1998 Toyota corolla LE?

Following questions are regarding 1998 Toyota corolla LE model.

1. Service center with Toyota dealer recommends me to change the serpentine belt and he quotes $135 for it. When I contacted another service center, they said that there were three kind of serpentine belts (one for air conditioning and others for something else) and questioned which one needs to be replaced. But, my toyota dealer says there is only one serpentine belt. Does anyone know how many serpentine belts found in 1998 Toyota corolla LE model? If more than one kind, any idea which one the toyota dealer refers to?

2. Toyota dealer recommends me to change Timing belt and quotes $350 for it. When I contacted other service center, they said there was no timing belt in 1998 Toyota corolla LE, but it had Timing chain and it didn't have to be replaced in the lifetime of the car. Who is correct?

Thanks.Serpentine belt and Timing belt of 1998 Toyota corolla LE?
A 98 Corolla has a timing chain and a serpentine belt. The belt usually lasts around 60,000 miles or so, although I have had to change them at about 45K at times. Basically, just look at the grooved side of the belt where it goes around one of theh pulleys. If it has cracks running across any of the ribs in the belt, it is time to change it. If not, unless it is very noisy it will go for a while longer. The timing chain is what I call the %26quot;new generation%26quot; of chains (which may date me!). Those chains last roughly forever. It will begin to make a rattling noise especially on start up before it needs to be relaced. It is true that if they break it will cause havok in your engine, but I have seen only one of that style break in 15 years, and they use that style now in Previas, Tacomas, Celicas, Corollas, Tundras, 4Runners, Camrys, and anything else with a chain in it, so I wouldn't worry about it.

Hope this helps. God Bless!Serpentine belt and Timing belt of 1998 Toyota corolla LE?
it has a serpentine belt.30.35+tax,or w/out a.c.28.25.the1.8engine is equipped w/a timing chain,and yes they do wear out,be careful who you take it to.timing chains take alot of miles to wear enough to warrant adjustment/replacement.Serpentine belt and Timing belt of 1998 Toyota corolla LE?
It is time to change it, it is a 1998 car so it is more then 10 years old. More then likely, it has about 200,000 miles on it. I seem to remember it is every 100,000 miles it needs to be replaced. As for the timing belt/chain, if it snaps it can SERIOUSLY screw up ur engine, so it might be time to change it too.Serpentine belt and Timing belt of 1998 Toyota corolla LE?
Your Toyota stealership is just that.. a %26quot;stealership!!%26quot; 1998 Corollas don't have a timing belt- they have a maintenance-free timing chain. In fact, all Corollas after 1997 have the timing CHAIN. I should know. I used to own a 1999 LE- which is the same car. Go elsewhere for service.