Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to make enough room to change serpentine belt?

I have a 05 corolla, I know how to change the serpentine belt but have no idea what or how to make room or get my hands down in the engine compartment to take off the belt and replace it. There's a bunch of stuff in my way. How do mechanics do it? What should I remove that will let me get a better access to tackle this project?How to make enough room to change serpentine belt?
I am afraid you do not really know how to replace serpentine belt on your car according to your statement.

Nothing or only thing you need to remove is the engine top cover. That is for more room to reach the belt.

It is a rather simple work, about ten minutes work if you do not need to replace the tensioner. I suppose your car is rather new and the tensioner should be in good working condition.

Better draw a picture how the belt goes over each wheel since I guess you do not do this from time to time. Or you can bear in mind how it goes.

Stand in front of your car, use a 19 mm long box wrench or a 19mm socket and a long rachet to hold the nut shape point on the tensioner (Use a light and observe carefully. You should notice that this nut is not really a nut; it is a nut shape part of the whole metal piece of the tensioner. Further to the back is the real nut that holds the tensioner to the engine body.), pull it backwards or towards you. The tensioner will go downwards and thus releasing the belt; at this time, use your left hand remover the belt off the flywheel near the alternator. Then you can pull it out easily.

Remember, observe carefully how the belt goes before remove it.

Installation is the reverse of removing.

I am afraid it is easier to show how to than explain it clearly.

Hope I can help you a bit.

Good luck.How to make enough room to change serpentine belt?
AH yes the pesky items on top of the engines plague Mechanics too you know.

Have you tryed to jack the car up put it on stands? you might have a better chance of coming up from the bottom to install the belt. I had a Camry Clone and you had better luck jacking the car up removing the tire and aaccesss panel inside the wheel well to change the belt.How to make enough room to change serpentine belt?
As a mechanic for many years. I have a special tool that has a long handle. It grabs the belt then has a release on it. this gives me the extra length I need to get the belt around the pulleys. I have used a coat hanger connected to a broom handle that I have cut. If you get creative you could make something similar to create the same effect. Good luck!! I know how much of a pain they can be.How to make enough room to change serpentine belt?
I recently had a problem with my serpentine tensioner and couldn't figure out how the mechanic would be able to fix it. He took the front tire off which exposed it. If you have a side mount motor, like my Saturn, it will probably help.
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