Thursday, June 2, 2011

Changing Sepentine Belt on 1996 Chevy Biretta L4 2.2L?

Overheating, leaking fluid, and loss of power steering.

I guess I need to replace the serpentine belt? Can anyone give me good(nearly step by step) instructions for replacing the belt? And also, which is the best to buy? Goodyear, Dayco, Drive-rite.

How much to just get some pro to do it for me?Changing Sepentine Belt on 1996 Chevy Biretta L4 2.2L?
where do you live if you live in the south florida area i can fix it for you send the pic of what you talking about to tankfield@hotmail.comChanging Sepentine Belt on 1996 Chevy Biretta L4 2.2L?
gates is the best belt in the world there should be a diagram under the hood for your belt routing and normally all you need is a 3/8 socket wrench to do the jobChanging Sepentine Belt on 1996 Chevy Biretta L4 2.2L?
The cost could go from 100.00 to 200.00 $ This belt can be a D.I.Y. job,On the hood ,or in front of raditor is a belt routing lable. It's a very tight spaced job,but pray first,

OK step 1 find a idler belt pully that has a square sholder on it,this is the adjuster,it should have a 3/8 o1/2 ratched hole in it. Step 2 Find a tool to fit in it , move it up or down.You will see it losen the belt in one direction. Step 3 Once you find out, losen tention,ease belt off alt,because it is the smallest pully.Pay close attention how belt is close att:to water pump belt routing very important!!! Take Belt with you to your nearest advanced auto parts dealer or auto zone or NAPA. Let the tech match up belt for you. Step 4 reverse the process.Be carfull not to get finger under belt when setting tention. Leave alt pully for last.If you do not have a belt routing digram ask for a copy at auto parts .Good luck and GOD Bless... hoped i've helped.....
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